Signing Off / Next Phase: Final Blog

Reflecting over this semester, it has truly been a pleasure blogging with each and every one of you all. I enjoyed reading through my classmates’ blog entries each week. At times it was difficult to come up with creative ideas for new blog entries, being that we had one general overall topic. With my first couple of blogs, I did not have many people to read or respond to my blogs. It was a challenge that inspired me to come up with ways to draw my audience to my blogs. I had to make the blogs interesting and meaningful. Once I decided to blog about something that was not only significant to me but also to my audience, I was right on point. At the beginning I was not sure if I would find blogging that fascinating. Was I wrong!

My next step is to focus on my aspiring future career path, the Public Relations industry. Sometime during the semester I joined the Georgia State University Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America, PRSSA. Since then, I have received numerous internship offers, workshop invitations, and other PRSSA information. Unfortunately, due to my job and assignment overload this semester I have not been able to fully utilize my membership offers from the program. Next semester, I would like to focus more on internships and gaining more knowledge in Public Relations.

Once again it has been a pleasure blogging with you all. I hope you all had a great semester and I wish you nothing but happiness and great success. Remember the tips I provided on having a successful school year. Thanks to WordPress for allowing me to express myself. Thanks to Professor Holmes for being an outstanding educator and teaching me so many new skills on digital writing. This course was really a demanding, but meaningful one. Maybe someday I will return to blogging. For now, I will focus on earning an A on my last finals.

Good luck to you all!              



The Last Day of Class is Like a Photo Shoot


Remember my blog about cherishing college moments by capturing memories to include in a strap book? As the semester comes to an end, I recommend bringing a camera to the last day of class. This is your chance to get a couple more photographs to put into your book of college memories. We may not have known each other very long, but one thing is for sure –we have spent much of our semester in this class working on these service learning projects. Like me, this project may have very well been the first that you have spent the most time on. I must admit this project was time consuming; however, we managed to get through it one way or another.

On Wednesday, December 11, from 10:45AM-1:15PM, at the Troy Moore Library, we will meet with group members to present to our assigned organizations what we have contributed to our projects. Bringing a camera will give us the opportunity to capture moments with the people who made these organizations possible. It will also be a perfect time to interact with classmates and take pictures with the other groups.      

The last day of class is certainly a great time to get additional end-of-the-semester photographs to place in your college strap book because before you know it undergrads will be over within the blink of an eye.

End of the Semester: 5 Tips on How to Avoid Getting Lazy?

  1. Get a head start on assignments and projects!

– Reframe from waiting until a due date is approaching to start on an assignment or project. It is best to work on the assigned task daily so that you will have as much of it done on or before the deadline.

  1. Look at the cup half way filled, not half way empty!

– Every once in a while applaud yourself for all the hard work you have put into the semester thus far. You have not come this far to give up. Repeat to yourself “I am almost there”!

  1. Beware of the misleading brain!

– Be careful not to let negative thoughts mislead you. Fill your mind with positivity and remember that a healthy mind means a happy body. The brain sends signals to the body; therefore, if you train your mind to produce only constructive thoughts the body will react correspondingly.

  1. Continue to get the proper nutrients and rest!

– Remember that breakfast the most important meal of the day. If you find yourself not having time to sit down and eat a morning meal, grab a banana, apple, or grain bar. If your classes are scheduled close together pack a sandwich or healthy snacks that will help get you through the day. Also, those eight to nine hours of rest are very important. If you cannot find time to get those hours in take a nap every chance you get to rejuvenate the body.


– Study in the parking lot before you get out of the car, on the train, walking to campus, in a restaurant, on the toilet, in the beauty salon, during ESPN football commercials, during break time a work, or wherever/whenever you can find time. There is no way around exams! Just STUDY!!  Image

Ten Tips You Need to Survive College (for Spring Semester)


  • 1. Try not to schedule back to back classes. .
  • 2. Begin the first day of class.
  • 3. Establish a routine time to study for each class.
  • 4. Establish a place to study. 
  • 5. Do as much of your studying in the daytime as you can. .
  • 6. Schedule breaks.
  • 7. Make use of study resources on campus.
  • 8. Find at least one or two students in each class to study with.
  • 9. Study the hardest subject first. 
  • 10. Be good to yourself. 

Cherish Each Memory With a Scrapbook

“ the End, all that really matters isn’t the things you did, but what its effects are today, not the knowledge you have learned, but how you applied it, not the words that were said, but how they made you feel, and most of all, not the moment of occurrence, but how it’s now just a part of our memory.. Every day, we make memories.. Let’s paint lives with happy ones..”

– Unknown (


Ever considered the question, “what is college to you”? Right off the back, we all can agree that we know a couple of negative answers are fact. College is…

  • and lets not forget TIRING.

Yes! College may very well be all of these things, but what about the positives. What good has college played in our lives? Most of us are getting ready to graduate. On graduation day you will walk across the stage, later receive your degree, and then it’ll all be over with (or should I say it’ll be a new beginning). What about the memories? What moments will you take with you for the rest of your life? Which of them will you continue to cherish? How will you cherish the most valuable college memories and moments?


Once we graduate and step out into the career world, get married, have children, and move on with our new lives there is no going back. I always say, “the greater the years increase, the faster time goes by.” We can always reflect back on high, middle, or even elementary school and wonder “wow, it just seemed like I was there yesterday.” Life goes by quickly, so I encourage you all to live, love, laugh, and make sure to get a snapshot of each valuable moment along the way. Sad to say, but people die, get sick, or disappear off the face of Earth after college and you never get to see them again. I advise every college student to create a scrapbook of your very own, because one day we are going to wake up and it’ll be all over with.


Click the link below for creative graduation scrapbook layout ideas. Enjoy and always remember to live it up like it’s your very last day!





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Oh Yes! It’s FREE! (Resource Centers)

This is a reminder of useful resource centers offered to students here at Georgia State University. There are three specific ones, which are also located on page six of the English 3120 course syllabus, I will mention. They are as follows:

  • The Writing Studio is located at Decatur St SE, Atlanta, GA 30303 in Langdale Hall, room 976. Their phone number is 404-413-5840.

“The purpose of the Writing Studio is to enhance the writing instruction that happens in academic classrooms, by providing undergraduate and graduate students with an experienced reader who engages them in conversation about their writing assignments and ideas, and familiarizes them with audience expectations and academic genre conventions. We focus on the rhetorical aspects of texts, and provide one-on-one, student-centered teaching that corresponds to each writer’s composing process, especially invention and revising. We do not provide editing or proofreading services. We aim to create better writers, not “perfect papers,” so we address “works-in-progress” in tutorials, and not finished texts.”

  • The Digital Aquarium is located across from the Student Recreational Center at 101 Piedmont Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30303 in the University Student Center on the third floor in room 390. Their phone number is 404-413-4730.

“The Digital Aquarium is an open-access multimedia computer lab, providing high-end workstations for all Georgia State University students, regardless of their academic major. Our workstations are equipped with the multimedia production tools needed to support current and future academic programs. Resources include 3D, video, audio, graphic design and animation tools that allow students to develop music, movies, interactive media, web sites and virtual worlds and to replace traditional Word documents and PowerPoint presentations with interactive websites, DVD videos, audio CDs, and podcasts.”

  • The Instructional Technology Center is located in the College of Education Building at 30 Pryor Street Atlanta, GA 30303 on the second floor. It is open to all Georgia State University students on Monday – Thursday from 8:00 AM until 9:45 PM, Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:45 PM, and on Saturday from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM.

“Instructional Technology Center (ITC) is designed for faculty, students, and Pre-K-12educators to encourage and support technology confidence and expertise in the areas ofteaching, collaboration, and consultation.”


We all know college is expensive; take full advantage of anything that is free. I repeat, TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF ANYTHING THAT IS FREE! I have not been doing so well with utilizing these resource centers. I challenge everyone, including myself, to visit one of these campus resource centers in the week coming up.

Follow up with a comment to share your experience.

Feel free to check out their websites for more information at:

Also, I have provided a link to Google Maps for finding these centers. Each location is within walking distance from the other. The map is designed for walking purposes. The link can be found at:,+Atlanta,+GA+30303&daddr=101+Piedmont+Ave+SE,+Atlanta,+GA+30303+to:30+Pryor+Street+Atlanta,+GA+30303&hl=en&geocode=FYb7AgId1mr4-inH3PR5jAP1iDFxuzdUI-welA%3BFRoFAwId3WX4-imnuWQ2jwP1iDGcNsIgzLCWQA%3BFWwJAwIdV1P4-in_viybhgP1iDEBq8tKXYwZbA&abauth=527428699PcPKvxmmEcT6hSiOH_hYXWqar4&aq=&vps=8&jsv=467b&sll=33.751518,-84.386556&sspn=0.008046,0.008991&vpsrc=0&dirflg=w&mra=ps&num=10