Happy Time at Happy Hookah :-)

Late nights, walking the streets of Downtown Atlanta with friends in need of a happy time? I have the perfect solution for you. Image

Happy Hookah!

Located at 66 Peachtree Street, Happy Hookah is a smoke shop that offers the finest hookahs, accessories, specialty drinks, tobaccos, and more. This two story building is an extravagant lounge. On the first floor are dinner tables for groups and sectioned off private areas for guests of two. On the second floor are flat screens mounted on the walls, and more private sections with pillows for customers to kick off their shoes, relax, and enjoy their hookahs and drinks.

Happy Hookah offers a variety of specialty-flavored drinks. My favorite is the Scooby Snack, priced at only $6! It’s a light green, creamy delight. I’m not much of a drinker, so if you’re like me and just want a light drink without the taste of alcohol then this is the perfect treat!

Now for the hookahs! Inside of hookahs are flavored essences (tobaccos), which have pipes with long, flexible tubes. These tubes pull smoke from water contained in bowls or bottles at the base of the hookahs. In my opinion, hookahs are not just for smokers. Traditionally, they were designed for relaxation purposes. Today, they are used for that same reason. Happy Hookah customers come with close buddies, mothers and fathers, other family members, or whomever. Also, the prices for hookah rental are really cheap.

The lounge specializes in one tobacco flavor, pink lemonade. It’s delicious and tastes exactly how it sounds. The waitresses / waiters are friendly; they really know how to make customers feel comfortable and wanted. My first time visiting the lounge, I couldn’t help but wonder when I would be back. The atmosphere is chill; everyone comes for the same purpose and that’s to have a happy time. They also play a great variety of music.

I can assure you that your night won’t be wasted if you spend it at Happy Hookah. If you or guests decide the hookahs are so great you would like one of your own, shop for and order hookahs at the lounge.  For more information, check out their website at happy-hookah.com or simply just take a journey down Peachtree. Your time will not be wasted. Remember to try the Scooby Snack. It’s the best! 🙂


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