Choceur Stole My Heart at Aldi <3

I bet you all are wondering about my mysterious headline. Who/what is Choceur? How is it possible to fall in love to at Aldi grocery store? Well, before I go into detail one thing’s for sure – Choceur is extravagant! It’s indulging! It’s magnificent! It’s romantic! It’s deliciously delightful! It’s “CHOCEUR COCONUT CRUNCH”!

Choceur Coconut Crunch is a candy bar made with white chocolate, coconut, and cornflakes. By far, this candy bar is the best I’ve tasted in my entire life, hands down. Not a coconut lover? Don’t worry; the combination of ingredients create such a fine flavor that anyone can fall in love with the snack. Choceur Choconut Crunch’s ingredients doesn’t produce a strong coconut taste, but a creamy white chocolate delightful flavor.

Choceur Coconut Crunch is made in Germany. The treat is “all natural, made with real milk, [and] no preservatives or artificial colors.” It is “processed in a facility that also processes hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, and other tree nuts.” The product is “specially produced for Aldi Inc.”

There are many Aldi grocery stores located in Atlanta and surrounding areas. When Choceur stole my heart, I was at the Aldi in Mabelton, Georgia on Floyd Road. Aldi is a great place to shop, and find different varieties of foods and drinks. Every Aldi I’ve visited has had Choceur Chocolate in stock. Today was just the first time I decided to purchase the candy bar and try it out. I’m glad I did and from here on out it was be my all time favorite, and I guarantee if you try Choceur Coconut Crunch you’ll have a new favorite candy bar as well.

“Indulge yourself with creamy, smooth Choceur chocolate. Made with Europe’s finest ingredients, it’s an intensely rich chocolate sensation.”                                                                                                                      

Also try Choceur:

– Coffee & Cream

– Hazelnut Crunch

– Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut

– Milk Chocolate

– Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Yogurt


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