Six Flags in My Dreams

six flagsHouse of Funnel Cake Grand Opening – Six Flags of Georgia

On yesterday there was a lot of buzz about the grand opening of “House of Funnel Cake” at Six Flags of Georgia. Rumors had circled the park weeks before the House had opened its doors.

I was there the morning of the opening, and lines were wrapped around the building. The first hundred customers received free original funnel cakes; gladly I was customer number seventy-two. The waitresses handed me, along with the rest of the ninety-nine first group of customers, tickets with our numbers and we had the privilege of getting our free funnel cake right then or later before the closing of “House of Funnel Cake” at 7:00 PM. I took up the offer of eating my free funnel cake right away. It was DELICIOUS! There were so many different options of toppings, –strawberry cheesecake, lemon meringue, chocolate mocha, strawberry banana, red raspberry, blue raspberry, dark chocolate, key lime, banana split, mango, peach, citrus, vanilla, pineapple, white grape, caramel, pink lemonade – all the flavors you can imagine. The prices were descent, $4.00 for a regular funnel cake and $1.00 extra for toppings. Which is pretty good for a Six Flags menu price. I must have eaten about five strawberry cheesecake funnel cakes. Definite new desert spot!

At each exit door there were tablets set up for customers to submit reviews online. Customers can even take a photo to be placed next to their comments, if they’d like. Then right outside the restaurant was a digital review display board above the grand opening sign that showed customers’ ratings and comments. On my way out I stood outside watching the comments scroll down the screen for at the least ten to fifteen minutes. Some were disappointed that the restaurant only specialized in funnel cakes. That’s why it’s called “HOUSE OF FUNNEL CAKE” people! Others adored the variety of flavors and liked the new invention of the typical powder sugar funnel cake.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first visit at the House. I enjoyed each topping I tried. I think “House of Funnel Cake” is a great restaurant to go with family and friends. I couldn’t help but notice the smiles, joyous communication, and customers going back for seconds, thirds, and fourths.

Other than the ridiculous comments on the “House of Funnel Cakes” only serving “funnel cakes”, I recommend this place for anyone. Go try it out for yourself and I can assure you that you’ll be satisfied and get your money’s worth. Don’t forget to stop by the tablet stand to leave a rating and comment. Then, check out your responses and photos on the digital review display board.


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