Signing Off / Next Phase: Final Blog

Reflecting over this semester, it has truly been a pleasure blogging with each and every one of you all. I enjoyed reading through my classmates’ blog entries each week. At times it was difficult to come up with creative ideas for new blog entries, being that we had one general overall topic. With my first couple of blogs, I did not have many people to read or respond to my blogs. It was a challenge that inspired me to come up with ways to draw my audience to my blogs. I had to make the blogs interesting and meaningful. Once I decided to blog about something that was not only significant to me but also to my audience, I was right on point. At the beginning I was not sure if I would find blogging that fascinating. Was I wrong!

My next step is to focus on my aspiring future career path, the Public Relations industry. Sometime during the semester I joined the Georgia State University Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America, PRSSA. Since then, I have received numerous internship offers, workshop invitations, and other PRSSA information. Unfortunately, due to my job and assignment overload this semester I have not been able to fully utilize my membership offers from the program. Next semester, I would like to focus more on internships and gaining more knowledge in Public Relations.

Once again it has been a pleasure blogging with you all. I hope you all had a great semester and I wish you nothing but happiness and great success. Remember the tips I provided on having a successful school year. Thanks to WordPress for allowing me to express myself. Thanks to Professor Holmes for being an outstanding educator and teaching me so many new skills on digital writing. This course was really a demanding, but meaningful one. Maybe someday I will return to blogging. For now, I will focus on earning an A on my last finals.

Good luck to you all!              



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